Disinfecting Solutions

Frequent cleaning and disinfection have now become a daily routine in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

We are capable of providing a full range of disinfection services and offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your hotel, office or building needs.

Why Choose Ace?

The Covid-19 virus will continue filling our lives with worry and anxiety. Thorough disinfection will go a long way to alleviating our anxiety.

We have the professional manpower, equipment, and knowledge essential to create a proactive disinfecting plan. Let the experts at Ace play a key role in creating a cleaning and disinfection program for your offices, public areas, and businesses.

Ace Technicians are certified through the Global Biorisk Advisory Council. Ace Technicians are trained to focus on High Touch Points such as door handles, desks, phones, light switches, and faucets, which should be cleaned and disinfected at least daily. Ace Technicians are trained in the proper use of chemicals and dwell times.

Ace Disinfection Solutions uses disinfectant products that have EPA approval and are NSF certified to sanitize food contact surfaces. Our CDC recommended disinfectant which is Non-toxic and 100% biodegradable.

We use Fogging and Electrostatic Disinfecting Methods

Disinfectant Fogging is highly effective at combating pathogens, particularly those which are airborne or carried in respiratory droplets, such as the flu virus or Covid-19 virus.

Major warehousing companies, airlines and cruise lines are using the fogging method of disinfection.

After we complete your commercial fogging disinfection service, and the mist settles, you may safely resume work immediately without the need for respiratory protection.

Electrostatic Spraying is a method in which a coating of disinfectant with an electric charge covers every square inch of a surface. This deep-cleaning method is advantageous as a disinfecting process.

Electrostatic disinfecting is specifically good at minimizing the risks of contracting an illness when touching metal, plastic and wood surfaces while also removing airborne germs from the air.

In order to keep your employees, guests and customers healthy and maintain business operations, companies need environments safe from harmful viruses and bacteria.

Service Fees

Hotel Service Per Room Fee Minimum Charge Cost per SF
Preventative Room Maintenance $5.27 30 Rooms n/a
Open Areas, Hallways, Back of House,
Banquet Rooms, Kitchen Areas, Employee
n/a 2000 SF .15 per SF

Office & Building Service Minimum Charge Cost per SF
Employee Areas, Offices, Open Workspace, Gyms,
Fitness Centers, Warehouse Floor, all Other Areas
2000 SF .15 per SF

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